Embracing the folksy pop of artists such as Suzanne Vega and Sheryl Crow, Aprylle Gilbert combines stirring melodies with words of inspiration, joy, and - at times – sadness. In a voice both pensive and sultry that often hints at an underlying self-consciousness, Aprylle takes the listener on a trek that is semi-autobiographical, yet familiar to most of us.

There is an overall theme of learning to be true to yourself, and the happiness that lies in finding someone who will accept you for who you are. To that end, much of Aprylle's music is lifting and inspirational, though poignant reminders of a not-so-joyful past are ever present from an aspiring songstress longer afraid to bare her soul.

Performance alert . . .

See Aprylle Gilbert in a showcase performance at 10:00 AM @ Kaiser Fremon... in Fremont, CA

Exactly Like Me - New CD Hits the Streets

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